SSL is going to be a big deal in 2017.  

Have you noticed when you log in to your bank the URL shown in the address box will start with https instead of http? That S lets you know the connection between your computer/tablet/phone and your bank is encrypted. Even if you were in a public place and someone was snooping on your wifi connection they wouldn't be able to see what you were doing. 

Why should writers care about SSL?

Google announced that SSL is so important they will include it as a ranking factor for the websites they index. That means  the position of your Writer's Platform in the search results is based, in part, on whether visitors are connected via SSL 

SSL  is very technical

Until recently, it was also expensive. It really only made sense for large sites, banks, payment processors, and others who could afford the cost and had staff to handle the implementation. ​There is now a free version of SSL available. Many of the big hosting companies are now supporting it. If your hosting company is one of them, that  makes it easier to add to your platform although it is still very technical. 

SSL is one reason I am moving my sites to a new host​

I took advantage of an end of year special from Siteground in part because they support the free SSL movement. At first glance the process for setting it up is not as obvious as I had hoped. They obviously don't want to lose the income from selling the old version of SSL. They make you page through a lot of technical hype about why a paid for SSL certificate is ​worth the price. Once past all that the process for setting up SSL with the free certificate is going to require some study.  Intuitive was not a word that came immediately to mind.

Testing SSL with your domains​

No one wants to take their money site down by accident. It seems to me that when a non-technical writer attempts something as technical as installing an SSL certificate  there is an excellent chance of doing just that.

I find this is a good place to get some value from those extra domains you have purchased as an investment or as part of defending your brand. Since the SSL certificates are free there is no downside to setting up another site for practice before you tackle your money site.

That is what I will be doing with my sites. I also plan to screen capture the process with the idea of turning it into a training video.​