Thrive  Themes is Great


I discovered Thrive Themes about a year ago and have been in love ever since. Their content builder software is the first page builder I have used where the claim you don't need to know HTML to build beautiful pages is true. I have tried many other products in  my search for ways to build attractive websites without coding skills and they never delivered. I would always quickly get to the point where a support request would be answered with "You just need to learn a little HTML, css & Javascript."  

The problem with Thrive Themes

Not wanting to learn coding made a great excuse for many years. However, now that Thrive Themes Content Builder lets me make any kind of fancy pages I want I discovered I don't know when, where, how to use all the features. Since I knew I couldn't do them there was no reason to learn about them. That has changed. is the domain I registered to use for publishing Tips, Tutorials, and courses about how non-coders can use the Content Builder to make attractive pages. It will also include using the many other features of Thrive Themes for lead generation,  landing page design and many others. 

Thrive Themes is a really rich platform. They support their products with frequent updates and improvements. They also do weekly tutorials which are really well done. I just renewed my annual license for all their products and feel like it was money well spent.