Technology is where my expertise lies

I built my first website in 1998 and have been working online since then. I had an accidental success with my first website I used AdSense to generate income and, especially in the early days, that required absolutely no marketing. It was easy  to get "thin" content sites ranked in those days. All I had to do was register an exact match domain name for a subject I knew something about, install WordPress, add a few articles and I would soon have organic traffic.

To bad those days are over​

The ugly downside was that I was able to completely ignore marketing.  That  is no longer possible! Marketing is absolutely required these days.  In fact, I have seen several "Gurus" claim that only 20% of your effort should go toward content development. The other 80%  should be spent marketing your products.

Of course, since I wrote informational articles for those first sites, I never developed any products wither.

Writerville answers technical questions​

Writers tend to be technically challenged ​

Answering questions, providing tips, and producing tutorials are something I can do to help writers. At the same time I can be bringing myself up to speed on internet marketing.

Internet marketing is profitable

That's why there are so many people eager to tell you how to do it. For a fee! Many of the really popular internet marketers, even some selling high dollar programs, have almost no technical skills. What they do have is superb copywriting skills.

I listened to the sales pitch from one of these guys recently and could not believe how well he articulated all my pain points. He listed five or six problems his system would cure and all  of them were right on target for me. If I didn't know he is a technical illiterate I might have bought.

Of course, he may have  hired strong technical people to develop his system, but often that is not the case. I actually bought and then refunded an expensive program from another marketer because  from the inside I could see all his best stuff was in hs marketing material. The actual content was really weak.

Marketing at Writerville​

I have purchased two expensive internet marketing probrams and will be spending a lot of time with them over the next year. In fact I will be using what I learn to market Writerville. This will NOT qualify me to create and sell my own marketing system at the end of the year. It will equip me to provide details product reviews of the systems I try. I think that will have value to Writerville readers.​