Author Bio

Your author bio is important

Have  you tried guest posting to raise your online presence and promote you platform? A perk of guest posting is being allowed  to display a short author's bio above or below the body of the post. If the post appears on a popular blog and people like what you wrote it may result in more sign up to your newsletter and traffic to your  blog. 

Is the link in your Author Bio "Do Follow"?

You worked hard to write that guest post. You want to get as much benefit as possible from all that work. Many writers don't understand the impact do or no follow have on the value of their guest post. No follow tells the search engines not to transfer any value (link juice) from the webpage where your article appears to  ​the website the link points to (Yours). A do follow link transfers some authority from the higher ranking page where your post was published to your lower ranking website.

Link juice is a benefit that makes the work of guest posting ​worthwhile. Without it the only benefits are potential traffic and perhaps some name recognition. If someone does a search related to the content in your guest post they will not be shown other similar content on your site because they didn't follow the link to it. I would not waste my time guest posting on sites that will only allow no follow links.

What else do writers want to know about authors bios?​

​Below is a table of actual searches done by people who wanted to know more about Author Bios. With these as a starting point is, there any reason you couldn't make yourself an online authority on Author's Bios? You could polish your research skills by looking up all these search phrases yourself. You could showcase you analysis skills by compiling multiple good articles and publish them on your website. You could add contact information so visitors who liked your work could find you easily. 

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