Power Platforms

Your platform has huge potential

To bad most writers don't take advantage of it. We live in a golden age for writers. It has never in the history of the world been this easy to put your work in front of a global audience. The tools you need to publish online are affordable. They continue to get easier to use. The market for online  content is growing. Many early adopters have done well by going Indie. 

Competition is fierce

All  this "Easy  Money" has brought "Writer's" out of the woodwork. There have always been a lot of people who dreamed of writing a book. Many English majors thought they could earn a living from their writing. They didn't expect to be writing advertising copy or PR handouts while their novel languishes unfinished. Life gets in the way of many dreams. So does technology.

Technology is hard  

The key to this golden age for writers comes wrapped in an ugly box called "Technology". If you want to use the key you will have to figure out a way to open the box. This is hard. Few writers are in love with technology.   It is a necessary evil which steals time and energy better used for writing. 

Technology is getting easier

While the technical aspects of building your writer's platform are getting easier, they are not easy. One solution is to hire technical help. Assuming you can afford it, that still leaves the problem of selecting competent help and providing them with good instructions. For that you need some tech knowledge yourself. The orchestra conductor doesn't have to be able to play every instrument in the band himself. He does  have to know what sounds each instrument can produce. If you are going to be a successful author/writer you must understand enough  technology to audition helpers and direct their efforts.

Some platform advice is terrible

Many of the most  popular platform building "Gurus" are technically shallow. They may know what worked for them, but have not kept up  with change. The current rate of change  in the online publishing world can have you dated within months. Even worse, the changes are not gradual. There are sudden big jumps. Google announces that SSL is a search engine ranking factor and suddenly converting your website to SSL becomes important.

Power from your Platform?

Writers tend to think of platform building as a dirty, ugly war they are  required to wage if they want success. You would do better to think of it as starting and growing an online magazine. Pick a domain name that encourages you to expand your writing skills. Write articles around a topic that develops your niche authority, ​

What could you do with your own Power Platform?