Mindmap of Writerville

Writerville is, in part, a test of Dragon Naturally Speaking. My typing skills are bad and getting worse as I age. I must find a faster way to enter my content if I am to have success online. Dragon seemed like a possible answer.

I am a recent convert to mindmapping. I didn’t see any use for it for years, but for some reason it made sense now. Below is the map I developed today showing my plans for building out Writerville.com. It is early days and no doubt many things will change but this seems like a good start.

My plan is to dictate into Dragon using the mind map as an outline. I will use the Dragon text output as the script for making a Camtasia video that I can upload to Youtube. The text becomes SEO material I can place in the video description. My hope is that this entire process goes much faster than if I had to type everything by hand. Time will tell.

Update. To bad all that text is to small to read unless you have something like an iPad where you can expand the screen as much as necessary. I will have to figure out a better way to present this.

Writerville.com mind map