Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program pays commission for sending buyers to Amazon. When a visitor to one of my websites clicks an Amazon Affiliate link a new window opens and shows them a page on Amazon of my choice. I can direct the link to a specific product. a search page, or various other destinations.

Adding value by reducing complexity​

Mobile Home Doctor is my site that teaches people how to save money by doing their own repairs. I get a lot of questions about plumbing.

Plumbing is simple. Plumbing is complicated.​

That makes no sense you say? Plumbing repair products have gotten ​much easier to use since the days when you had to sweat copper joints or melt lead. That is the simple part. The problem is there are so many choices. The naming and sizing conventions are confusing. Who would look for a Diverter when they need to replace their tub faucets? Who would see the abbreviation FIP (Female iron pipe) on a replacement water supply line and understand it refers to the number of threads per inch? 

Amazon has developed tools that let me select products in a variety of ways and present them as part of my content. For example, I can search out a specific example of a kind of product such as Toilet Supply Line and also show related products of my choice.

For example, most toilet supply lines connect to the water supply with a 3/8" compression fitting. However, some might use a 1/2" FIP connection. I can use the Amazon tools to show examples of both and make sure my visitors buy the correct part for their home.

Home electronics is a jungle​

The jargon is obscure, descriptions are often written by non-English speakers, the technology is complicated, and new products arrive frequently. What seems like a simple search for Home Security System returns hundreds of results with complex product decisions. Of course, all of them assure visitors their product is the best value. Consumers have no way of knowing what features they need.

Reviews help some but for consumers they are a mixed blessing. If you understand the technology it is easy to find negative reviews where a good product got down rated for a problem that was not its fault. It can be really hard to tell if a bad review resulted from a problem with a product, choosing the wrong product, or failure to setup or install a product properly.

I sometimes joke that some people really do need to hire an electrician to ​change a lightbulb. If I can provide instructions, videos, and other information that helps a buyer purchase the correct product I have provided value and earned a commission.