I am terrified of marketing

I monetized my websites with AdSense so I could avoid it completely. That is no longer possible. At Writerville I hope to connect with a larger and more engaged audience than  I have at Mobile Home Doctor. 

At MHD people find me when they have a mobile home repair problem and search for a solution. One they find a solution they fix the problem and go away happy. 85% of the traffic is from new visitors. It took me years to figure that out. I really thought I had a community.

Writerville is for platform builders

The ugly truth is that even if you land a contract  with a major publishing house you are still going to have to provide most/all of the marketing for your book. In fact, you probably can't get that contract unless you already have a large list and a significant online presence. 

Technology is the foundation of your Platform

Creating a website, building a list, connecting on social media, are technically difficult. They are also the first things you must do well if you want a strong foundation under your platform.