Jetpack from WordPress

Jetpack 4.5 is now available

I have not used Jetpack in the past for several reasons:

  • There is a fee per domain. Since I have lots of little sites, it gets expensive fast
  • I had heard about code bloat and speed issues
  • Developers seem to hate it

I plan to test the $9/mo. business version

  • Current reviews show that Jetpack does not slow sites down or bloat the code
  • It has 33 features presently and is growing
  • 4.5 comes with video hosting and should let me avoid some other costs
  • It has an ad module for generating income

A lot of the people  I work with find WordPress hard. I find WordPress hard. There are hundreds of blogs and books that claim it is easy. That is only true if you have some coding skills. There is nothing simple about figuring out plugin conflicts.

With Jetpack all the features are included in a single plugin. Since the plugin comes from the creators of WordPress there are not going to be any conflicts.

Cheap, fast, good enough

There is an old joke that says Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick two. It applies to software and many other products. If you want something good and you need it immediately, it’s going to cost you. If you want cheap but good, you are going to have to wait for it.

From where I sit it looks to me like a website built with WordPress, using one of their default domains and Jetpack will be cheap and easy to publish. The Jetpack features will provide the functions needed to make a complete website. Many potential issues which would require developer help are avoided. Bad code is avoided. The environment is simple enough most writers will be able to make minor changes themselves.

If success arrives and a more powerful platform is needed it will be easy to find an experienced developer to take your platform to the next level.

Jetpack seems to be a neglected backwater on Amazon. A search of the Kindle library turned up only a single book on the topic. I think that needs to change.