Why are things done the way they are?

The internet is full of advice from "experts" & "Gurus" telling writers WHAT they should do. There are thousands of tips and tutorials telling writers how to do things. In my experience, there is a shortage of material that explains WHY choices were made in specific situations.

Hardware and software tools are designed to be optimal for specific use cases. The more closely the actual use resembles the designed function the better the tool will perform. 

The differences are subtle 

Marketing materials are written to be as broad as possible. That makes it really hard to tell which product is best suited to a particular use case. Many times the features which seem like they will be really important in the beginning turn out not to matter. Invisible features may become really important when the tool is put into production.

Reviews just compare features

Reviews just compare features because it takes to much time to actually try to use a product and test it thoroughly in a production system.