Create Your Own Website is built with Carrd

It uses one of the sectioned templates to mimic a multipage site. The biggest change I made was testing the embed feature,

I have some test products in a Shopify Lite store at The Lite plan costs less than $10/mo. but there is no blog or store associated with it. I can publish products there and payment for those products will be processed by Shopify. That means I don’t have to worry about the ugly details required of financial processing transactions.

By having a central location for all my products I can also use OakCo to manage inventory. In my case, I mostly have single antique items for sale. I want to be able to advertise the same item on more than one site without having to worry about accidentally selling something twice.

I advertise my products by using Shopify generated embed code on niche sites that are easy to rank for. I created a section I called “Shop” on CYOWS and embedded three items from OakCo into it.  If you click on the Shop link it will open that page in a new window and you can see how it looks. I you click the “Buy” button you will go directly to the checkout page at OakCo (Shopify).

The colors, fonts, descriptions are configured in Shopify and can be set for each item. That means I can use OakCo as a central repository for all my products but format each item to match the niche site(s) I place them on. I will need to do additional testing to see if there is a limit on how many items I can add. I think about a dozen will the upper limit because the page size will get large and load slowly. Page load speed is really important for a good user experience.