Use Dragon to make your writing richer

Dragon encourages me to use words I can't spell

As a graduate of the Dick, Jane & Sally school of reading I never learned phonics. ​I can't sound out words. Spelling has always been a mystery to me. My reading vocabulary is much larger than my spelling vocabulary. Spell check helps but only if you can come close to the proper spelling. When you misspell so badly the spell checker can't make the correct suggestion you have a problem. 

I limit my word choices​

Constant spell checking  keeps me from getting into the flow of my writing. It slows my already pathetic typing speed. Over time I have learned to limit my vocabulary to words I can usually spell correctly.  ​English is a rich language. There is always a best word to use in a situation. By limiting my word choice my writing  has less depth. It may not convey the emotion I intend.  

I am a slow (25 WPM) typist​

I have to watch my fingers. Add that to the constant spell checking and my hourly word output is pathetic. ​I saw the articles about using speech recognition to speed the creation of text and thought it sounded great. So, I spent the $300 and  gave it a try. 

It didn't work​

I couldn't get enough volume through the mic. The word recognition was dreadful. I couldn't return it so I was out what was for me, A LOT OF MONEY.​ 

I tried again​

I had the same problems. I bought a Blue Yeti mic. I still couldn't get the volume I needed. I bought a new sound card for my computer. No joy there either. More time and money down the drain.

I found Scott Baker​

He wrote Training Your Dragon and is an active participant on the Facebook, Dragon Riders group. ​It turned out my previous problems were all settings and configuration problems. I set up my system the way he suggested and the accuracy is astonishing. I am just getting started but I can already double my output. I have serious hopes for additional improvements.

I immediately noticed

that words I don't normally use were being transcribed accurately. That encouraged me to expand my word choices as I dictate. I was rewarded with richer text. It will take me a while to banish my old habit of restricting the words I use but my writing will be improved.

Not mentioned elsewhere​

I have not seen this mentioned other places. Lots of people are forced to use Dragon by physical limitations. Repetitive motion injuries are common among writers. Back problems abound. Weight gains from sitting to much cause a variety of problems. These issues my keep people early their living. It can a serious business. Hopefully, this additional insight about the benefits of Dragon may encourage  you to go for a ride 🙂

Below is my affiliate link to the software version Scott Baker recommends. I will get a small cash thank you if you buy using that link. If that offends you, just go directly to Amazon and look it up for yourself.