Case Study master page

Carrd is a new, easy to use site building tool. By limiting options and features to those which are most useful, it allows noobs to build nice websites without the overwhelm of tools like WordPress.

Certainly there are places where more power will be needed, but frequently people get stuck because of complexity and end up with nothing.

Carrd will be a solution to that problem for many.

Case studies

Cases studies of Carrd in action seems like the best way to teach by example. Below is a list of Carrd sites I have built to

  • Act as example of how to build sites with Carrd
  • Show a simple drag & drop page builder in action
  • Show how the many templates can be customized as needed

Case study sites

When you click a link to these case study sites it will open in a new window. That allows you to compare them & explore the features.

  •   This is a more advanced Carrd site that makes use of sections to simulate multiple pages. This site also has embed code from my Shopify store. When clicked these buttons will take a buyer directly to a checkout page on OakCo, which is the name of my Shopify store. There are several advantage to this approach which I discuss HERE (Coming soon).