AdSense Privacy Policy

AdSense Privacy Policy sounds like it should be something simple. It’s not.

Clicking this link will open a Google AdSense support page titled “Required Content” in a new window.  They describe some of the requirements for your AdSense Privacy Page but do not provide any kind of “Safe Harbor” language. They  say you must have a privacy policy but follow that with  “Because publisher sites and laws across countries vary, we’re unable to suggest specific privacy policy language. ”

Still thinking this privacy policy requirement for my little websites should be simple I did a search for “AdSense Privacy Policy”.

The first site that came up made it very clear I would have to create an account and pay them before I would get anything useful. The second site offered a free privacy policy. That sounded more like it, so I started entering the data they said they needed to create the policy. By the time I got to the third page of questions this “free” option was loosing its charm! The questions were getting so detailed and so intrusive I was no longer comfortable  providing them to a service I knew nothing about. I closed that window.

Looking back on the experience I think the problem is they have no idea what kind of website their automated  tool will be applied to so it has to work for all, no matter how complex. That means it would be massive overkill for my little sites.

AdSense Privacy Policy is a legal requirement

That means you have to have one, but I am not sure many/anyone really cares exactly what it says. I suspect it is a leftover from early internet days when visitors were not aware of how they could be tracked and  profiled from information their browser made public. Internet surfers are much more aware now. They also care less and worry less about it.

My Privacy Policy will be simple

I plan to write a short statement that says I don’t collect any information myself and the only ad service I use is Google AdSense. Then I will link to the Required Content page and tell them to go there if they need to know more.  Hopefully, that will be enough to keep everyone happy.